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Raising children is important work, and it’s my privilege to help parents discover ways to encourage their children as unique creations of God.

Atta Girl, Atta Boy!: Encouraging Your Children’s Dreams

Children are full of dreams. Parents can either encourage those God-given dreams or stifle them. Learn ways to assist your children in recognizing the unique way God made them and to begin at a young age to live with purpose.

Finding Balance in the Circus of Life: Thriving Amid the Tension

Life is a circus. You’ve got so many things going on, so many opportunities to choose from. Is it possible your life feels overwhelming because you’re in the wrong circus act? Identify which circus act you’re currently performing in and discover God’s desired place for you. Learn to make intentional choices that focus your life, allowing you to find joy and rest amidst the tension.

Raising Global Christians: Teaching Your Kids to Care

You’d like your children to be able to locate Laos on a map, yet most days they can’t even find their flip-flops. How can you turn your children into global citizens? Learn practical ways to begin where your children are, with the things they enjoy, to introduce them to the world. Discover easy ways to expose them to other cultures and help them learn to understand and pray for people who are different from them.

  • Carol was truly an amazing speaker. She helped me see how listening to my children tell me about their dreams will help shape them for the future and how we can do little things to help them achieve those dreams.

    Rebecca Hoffman, Coordinator MOPS at Grace, Kutztown, PA

Thermostat or Thermometer?: Dealing Positively with Anger

Ever react inappropriately when angry? When the heat is on in our relationships, we make choices on how to respond. But are we making informed, constructive choices? Discover whether you react to tense situations as a thermometer or a thermostat. Learn how to avoid being a thermometer, simply registering the heat of the moment. Practice being a thermostat, moderating the temperature to influence a positive outcome.

Journaling the Bible: Meeting God in New Ways

Discover how journaling—through words, art or even music—can enhance your relationship with God as you explore his word. This interactive workshop provides opportunities to experience a variety of journaling styles that bring fresh insights from God’s word, allowing you to hear from God in new forms and express your heart to him in ways that uniquely encourage and refresh you.

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