Business & Motivational Seminars

Allow me to help your employees or members understand their own strengths, passions, and personalities—and those of their associates—to encourage greater professional alignment and synergy.

Finding Your PACE: The Secret to Long-Term Success

Are your employees’ interests and work assignments strategically aligned? Those who integrate their passions and abilities into their careers find greater satisfaction and staying power. Give your team the opportunity to discover their PACE—the attributes that make each unique—and then plan ways to incorporate each person’s PACE to energize your team and optimize success.

Why Are They Like That?: Recognizing and Relating to Differing Personalities

People can be so frustrating. Why does that guy have to keep talking when you would rather just get started solving the problem? Why does she seem unwilling to take a chance on a new idea? Participants learn how they and others fit into four personality types; then turn that knowledge into power to work well together and achieve results.

Writing Powerful Business Letters and Emails

Communication is the lifeblood of business, and yet many of us don’t have the skills we need to communicate clearly and professionally. In this interactive seminar, participants gain valuable tools to help them write concisely and courteously, as well as tips for self-editing, so important information is communicated in a way that builds relationships and moves your business forward.

  • “After hearing Carol's ‘Pooh Personality’ presentation at a public event, we invited her to speak privately with our company team. While there are many books and programs on personality types, Carol’s presentation assembles the information in a fun and informative format that is memorable and can be applied immediately. Our staff was engaged in the presentation because it used relatable characters, Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, Eeyore and Tigger, in a non-threatening approach, to understand different personalities. This training is certainly a worthwhile investment.”

    Wendy Kerschner, Comfort Keepers territory manager, Reading, PA

6 Secrets of Effective Advertising

Advertising can be costly, so you want to make it count. Using social media to “advertise” can be free, but you need to cut through the clutter. How do you do that? In this interactive seminar, Carol teaches six key factors used by advertising professionals that can help ensure your advertising is the strongest it can be. You’ll have a better grasp on whom you are targeting and how best to reach them, and you’ll know what the core of that message should be.

Balance in the Circus of Life: Thriving Amid the Tension

This lively interactive workshop allows participants to identify the circus performer they emulate and consider the effect that choice has on their work environment, relationships and satisfaction. Your team will then discover principles from the tightrope walker that will encourage intentional choices and bring focus to your mission while minimizing day-to-day stress.

30 Seconds Till Shutdown: Crafting Your Pitch to Raise Interest

You’re passionate about your project or what you do, or what you dream of doing. Now all you need to do is convince others to take a chance on you. You have less than 30 seconds to catch someone’s attention. This interactive class teaches participants how to craft their “elevator pitch,” the two or three sentences that encapsulate their idea and make others ask for more details, leading to the sale.

Atta Boy!: Turning Dreams into Reality

What are your dreams? Which ones refuse to die? What impedes them? Learn how to define your dreams and visualize them as realities. Practice seeing a world in which you cannot fail and money doesn’t dictate your choices. Learn techniques to turn dreams into goals and goals into accomplishments.

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