Mother’s Day & Spring Events

Celebrate the beauty of the spring season with programs I’ve designed to encourage life and growth.

The Mother-Heart of God: Seeing the God Who Loves You

God, who is complete goodness, possesses all good qualities, whether we tend to deem those qualities masculine or feminine. As we look at a few of his characteristics that remind us of mothers, we can take comfort in his care and learn to exhibit those same qualities to enhance our relationships with others.

Bloom Where You’re Planted: Celebrating the Seasons of Your Life

Nature has its four seasons. Our lives have seasons as well. But while the seasons of nature feature only one blooming season, as children of God we are meant to bloom in every season of our lives. Celebrate the different blooms of each season and discover how to work with the soil and seeds God has given you in this season.

Spring Cleaning for the Soul: Getting Your Life Aired Out

Feel like your spiritual life could use a little spring cleaning? Learn God’s plan to clean out the dirt, remove the excess clutter and remodel your inner “house.” Find out how you can simplify your life and beautify your spirit. Feel refreshed and ready to welcome the guests God brings into your life.

  • “I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing Carol Cool present her delightful insights on ‘Finding the Balance in the Circus of Life,’ which has encouraged me to take a closer look at my life and understand the importance of being more like a tightrope walker…staying focused on what is truly important while not allowing distractions, fears or doubts get in the way of living a more balanced and peaceful life.

    Jennie Weinhold, Weinhold Wellness, LLC, Stevens, PA

You’ve Got Personality! Getting Along with Every Personality Type

Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore? Do you interact with others more like Rabbit or Winnie the Pooh? Have fun figuring out your personality type and those of your family members and friends. Then turn that knowledge into power to find more harmony (and humor) in your relationships.

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