Co-ed or Women’s Groups

Whether you need a speaker for a banquet or a Bible study, for 20 minutes or an hour, I’ll deliver a biblically based talk filled with laughter and learning.

NEW! Journaling the Bible: Meeting God in New Ways

Discover how journaling—through words, art or even music—can enhance your relationship with God as you explore his word. This interactive workshop provides opportunities to experience a variety of journaling styles that bring fresh insights from God’s word, allowing you to hear from God in new forms and express your heart to him in ways that uniquely encourage and refresh you.

Balance in the Circus of Life: Thriving Amid the Tension

Life is a circus. You’ve got so many things going on, so many opportunities to choose from. Is it possible your life feels overwhelming because you’re in the wrong circus act? Identify which circus act you’re currently performing in and discover God’s desired place for you. Learn to make intentional choices that focus your life, allowing you to find joy and rest amidst the tension.

Vanquishing the Vampires: Fighting the Fears That Suck the Lifeblood Out of You

Have you ever been afraid? Has worry ever kept you up at night? Whether we call them fears, worries, cares, or concerns, we all find them preying on our minds and hearts. Together we’ll explore how two familiar passages—The Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 23—offer practical help in slaying fears and living in God’s security. Discover how to keep joy-suckers at bay and live confidently.

  • “Whenever I have worked with Carol for our Women’s Ministries program, she has been available, professional, flexible and prompt in her responses. As a planner, those are qualities I appreciate. Women respond well to Carol’s presentations. She injects humor and valuable content for women to ‘do life’ together—enriching and encouraging both our hearts and souls.”

    Martha Hess, Middle Creek Church of the Brethren, Ephrata, PA

Antiques and Heirlooms: Crafting a Legacy of Faith

We all have items we cherish from parents or loved ones, or a treasure we discovered ourselves. Some of the most precious heirlooms we can offer our children and grandchildren aren’t things at all. Uncover ways to leave a legacy of faith, of character, of a life well lived for those who follow in your footsteps.

Power Cleaning for the Soul: Getting Your Life Aired Out

Feel like your spiritual life could use a little power cleaning? Learn God’s plan to clean out the dirt, remove the excess clutter and remodel your inner “house.” Find out how you can simplify your life and beautify your spirit. Feel refreshed and ready to welcome the guests God brings into your life.

Being the Friend I Need: Discovering the Secrets of Great Friendships

Who doesn’t need friends? But friendships don’t simply happen. How can we ensure that we find the friendships we crave? How do we become the friends others need? Discover the secrets of profound friendship as we look at the life of Jesus and learn how to create lasting, meaningful relationships.

Atta Girl!: Turning Dreams into Reality

What are your dreams? Which ones refuse to die? What impedes them? Learn how to define your God-given dreams and visualize them as realities. Practice seeing a world in which you cannot fail and money doesn’t dictate your choices. Learn techniques to turn dreams into goals and goals into accomplishments.

Thermostat or Thermometer?: Dealing Positively with Anger

Ever react inappropriately when angry? When the heat is on in our relationships, we make choices on how to respond. But are we making informed, constructive choices? Discover whether you react to tense situations as a thermometer or a thermostat. Learn how to avoid being a thermometer, simply registering the heat of the moment. Practice being a thermostat, moderating the temperature to influence a positive outcome.

You’ve Got Personality! Getting Along with Every Personality Type

Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore? Do you interact with others more like Rabbit or Winnie the Pooh? Have fun figuring out your personality type and those of your family members and friends. Then turn that knowledge into power to find more harmony (and humor) in your relationships.

Just as They Are: Loving Your Friends to Jesus

“If I just can’t accept this faith of yours, will you still like me?” How can you overcome the natural fears of your coworkers and friends outside of the church in order to gain the chance to share the gospel of Jesus Christ? Master the Zacchaeus Principle. Discover how to live an accepting, attentive, authentic and available life that draws nonbelievers to the place of curiosity about your beliefs.

I’m No Mother Teresa: Serving the Way You Were Designed

Do you want to make a difference in your world but have no desire to move to the slums like Mother Teresa? Are you tired of responding out of guilt to the needs you see around you? Uncover your own unique design for service in the world. Learn how to avoid guilt and the good intentions of others so you can serve passionately and freely.

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