Just Who Is Carol Cool?

I’ve been learning to walk the tightrope of my own unbalanced life for a long time and sometimes, by God’s grace, I even manage to stay on the wire! I’m happiest when my readers and audiences are laughing, thinking, and walking away with a renewed hope that they can manage the high wire of their own lives by living authentically.

When I’m seeking advice, I want it practical, down-to-earth, and biblical, served up without pretentiousness. So that’s the way I roll with my writing and speaking as well. I’m sure I provide God with comic relief as He watches this fun-loving, talkative, transparent klutz attempt to put legs to biblical ideas. I hope you’ll come away not only with a lighter heart but also with a clearer idea that, by applying God’s Word to your life, you, too, can rise above the circus and attain the full height of who you are in Jesus.

People, Places, and Things I Love:

  • Jane Austen
  • Ice cream
  • Books
  • Travel
  • Panera Bread (especially its Cinnamon Crunch bagel)
  • Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Cheese
  • Colin Firth (Pride and Prejudice, need I say more?)
  • Laughter
  • Cambridge and Oxford, England (I would move to England in a minute if I weren’t quite so fond of my husband, Les, whom I love most of all)

6 Questions No One Ever Asks Me:

  • Could you talk a little faster?
  • How did you become so graceful?
  • What’s for dinner? (My husband Les does all our cooking, thankfully)
  • Could you speak louder?
  • Could you eat a little faster?
  • Would you hold my baby? (I’m totally terrified of babies; can’t do them)

My Serious Credentials for Serious People:

  • Author of more than 100 articles in a variety of national and international magazines, including in Slovenia (which I couldn’t find on a map if my life depended on it)
  • Copywriter for corporate, educational, and nonprofit clients (find out more on my LinkedIn page).
  • Member of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA)
  • Holder of a bachelor of arts in biblical literature (yep, a BABL degree—no wonder I talk so much) from Northeastern Bible College
  • Pastor’s wife of Les who serves a church in Akron, Pennsylvania (a dot on the map of Lancaster County where passing Amish buggies is an everyday occurrence)
  • Adoptive mom of Joy (she was 14 when she came to live with us) who is now also an adoptive mom of Hunter

Have Carol Speak For Your Group

An accomplished and flexible speaker, Carol tailors her topics to fit the theme and timeframes of your meeting, conference, seminar or retreat.

“Whenever I have worked with Carol for our Women’s Ministries program, she has been available, professional, flexible and prompt in her responses. As a planner, those are qualities I appreciate. Women respond well to Carol’s presentations. She injects humor and valuable content for women to ‘do life’ together—enriching and encouraging both our hearts and souls.”
Martha Hess, Middle Creek Church of the Brethren, Ephrata, PA
“Carol Cool has spoken at several events including our Girl Talk and our Girls Weekend Away at America’s KESWICK. Carol is a pleasure to work with in preparation for each event. When she arrives at the event her warm and friendly nature immediately makes us confident of a wonderful time of ministering together. She prepares well to incorporate our theme and this is evident in her natural and polished presentations. Carol connects with our guests and they listen intently. We have even given her an honorary title of ‘Jersey Girl.’ We look forward to the next event when she will come and speak again!”
Joyce Hayes, America’s Keswick, Whiting, NJ
“It was both informative and refreshing to have Carol Cool speak to our group. She is very knowledgeable about the topic of personalities and delivers her presentation in a memorable and entertaining fashion. The handouts she used were effective and proved to be good takeaways from the meeting. We really appreciated the time she shared with us, and would not hesitate to invite her back.”
Judy Frantz, programming chair, Women Excelling, a chapter of ABWA
“I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing Carol Cool present her delightful insights on ‘Finding the Balance in the Circus of Life,’ which has encouraged me to take a closer look at my life and understand the importance of being more like a tightrope walker…staying focused on what is truly important while not allowing distractions, fears or doubts get in the way of living a more balanced and peaceful life.