When Your Water Makes You Sick

I’ve written about the worldwide issue of clean water on this blog before, most recently in 2015, with “Planeloads of Children Killed by Water” (arguably NOT my best headline ever). Water is a necessity for life and yet so many people do not have access to clean water.

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This past week I was made to face the fact that this is true in our own country as well. In read Time magazine I came across this article—”America’s Clean Water Crisis Goes Far Beyond Flint. There’s No Relief in Sight.”

We have some vague memory of the Flint, Michigan, water crisis, right? It happened six years ago, when the city of Flint changed its water source and the water was corrosive enough to pull lead from the pipes and into the city’s drinking water. The city changed the water source and has been changing out lead pipes, but it’s still not over. People are still paying the price with their health.

What I didn’t really think about was how many Americans deal with unsafe water, particularly the poor and marginalized. I could write a whole lot about it here, but instead I’m just going to ask you to read the Time article: “America’s Clean Water Crisis Goes Far Beyond Flint. There’s No Relief in Sight.”

If you want to do more, consider finding out about the water quality where you live and then in the nearest big city. What are the issues? Find out more through the US Water Alliance. Talk to your own political representatives about the issues.

You can also help a charity working in parts of the country with underserved populations.

A cool drink of water on a hot day is refreshing—but not if it kills you.

4 thoughts on “When Your Water Makes You Sick”

  1. I am not sure about our water here in Allentown. It just tastes terrible, so I don’t know if that means it is terrible. I cannot drink it unless I have run it through the Brita filter.

  2. Hi Carol,
    I feel urged to get this message out. My family has been raised, and my wife and I still drink distilled water. We have had a water distiller for over 30 years. We feel better when we drink it compared to normal water. We look and act healthier than any of our peers. And the cost of less than 20 cents per gallon is within anyone’s budget.
    And yet no one wants to admit its benefits. Water distillers is THE answer to drinking water problems across the world. Its time for people to quit listening to the medical industry on this issue.


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