The Gift of Laughter

Scot Bruce

Last Saturday, our friends Marsha and Kerry took us to the “Elvis Birthday Bash,” a program at the American Music Theatre that features two Elvis impersonators—Scot Bruce (as younger Elvis) and Mike Albert (as older Elvis).

Now I would not consider myself an Elvis fan. I would have said before Marsha and Kerry took us to our first Elvis Birthday Bash a couple of years ago that I only knew one Elvis song—”I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.” I would be wrong. I know lots of Elvis songs, and both singers are truly entertainers.

Mike Albert singing “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”

We sang along (okay, Les didn’t sing along but he was still entertained). And when some of the “benefits” of our friends’ seat choice of the front row, was Mike Albert singing to me, pretending he thought Kerry was my husband, and then dancing with Marsha, well, we laughed even more. Right through the end of the show and straight through dinner.

Laughter is great medicine. I was so relaxed and refreshed when we got home that evening. While the concert was wonderful fun, the best gift was the chance to laugh, to have no agenda but fun.

Kerry enjoying the fun!

How have you given someone the gift of laughter lately? It doesn’t have to be front row tickets to a show. (Although, trust me, that’s cool!)

+ It could be an invite to come over for pizza and games. I suggest games like Pictionary, Guesstures, or Catch Phrase since you’re trying to get your team to guess something and your acting or words or pictures are sure to create multiple misunderstandings that will inspire laughs for years.

Marsha cutting some rug!

+ Maybe you treat someone to the latest comedy release at the theater. The sillier the movie the better for the release of endorphins.

+ Or perhaps you just head out for dinner and conversation and see where the laughter arises.

+ Spend no money and simply post a meme you know will make someone LOL today. Tag the person you think could use the relief of a laugh break so that they don’t miss it!

+ Or call someone and let them know you’re thinking of them, reminding them of a fun time you’ve had together.

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.
Proverbs 17:22 

Someone you know is having their strength sapped, because life is hard. 

How can you bring them the good medicine of laughter this week?

7 thoughts on “The Gift of Laughter”

  1. Sometimes even in the saddest of moments you need to laugh to help deal with the situation or moment. It lets us know that despite the sadness there can and is joy in life and death. Thank you for reminding us to laugh,

    • So true, Dianna. I remember sitting with my family in my parents apartment after my dad’s death and ending up in laughter as we reminisced about life with our dad. Then we worried what the neighbors would think of our laughter at that time of grief. But it does help heal.


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