Loving My Mother

When I first moved my blog to Blogger, I was sure I would blog more often because I could do so easily. Not so much.

But this time, I have a valid reason (not an excuse, a real reason). My mom, who is 87 and lives at a retirement community about a half hour away from me, took ill just after Christmas and was subsequently diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. She was moved into the skilled nursing unit of her community three weeks ago. I have been down to see her almost every day, to visit or go to doctors’ appointments, lab tests and procedures. Today she fell when she tried to get out of bed on her own. We see the oncologist on Wed. to hear what the options are for at least making her comfortable.

While I also have retreats and other engagements at this time of year, obviously Mom is a priority. I’m the only kid that lives nearby (one brother is in New Hampshire; the other in Texas), and so while the boys are supportive and concerned, I am the only one who can physically be with her on a regular basis. It’s been a sweet time.

So while I want to blog about ways we can make a difference in our world by showing Christ’s love, right now I need to make a difference for the Mom who first showed me Christ’s love. I’ll blog when I can, and I’ll encourage you not to forget those who are suffering in places like Haiti, but Mom gets my attention first. If you really want a social action project, donate to the American Cancer Society, or say a prayer for my mom, or call up your mom or another relative and let them know you love them. After all God’s love should extend to our families as well.

3 thoughts on “Loving My Mother”

  1. Hey Carol,
    So sorry to hear about your mom's illness. You are right-now your life for the next while will be about your mom. Love and prayers to you-Deb

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