I Held My Book in My Hands!

When you haven’t been into a building besides your own home for 8 weeks, life gets really boring. What was there to blog about when every day looks like the day that preceded it? What to look forward to when we are weeks away from things opening up and I won’t feel safe enough to go to whatever opens up anyway?

But then . . .

The proof copy of my book arrived!
My very special 25-years-in-the-making book—
The 29¢ Baby Jesus.

My Facebook Live video on the day the book arrived.

I held it in my hands.

I paged through.

I petted it. (I have this thing about textures and the paper it’s printed on is so smooth and yummy feeling.)

I looked at it again.

I took another picture of myself with it. (Okay, a lot of pictures.)

Back in January, when we thought 2020 would be a normal year, I blogged about “6 Ways to Bravely Rock 2020.” The first idea was to do something you’ve always wanted to do, and having this story in print was my goal. I’ve accomplished the goal!

I don’t have the books in hand yet, so it’s not quite available to sell. (I haven’t even given it a page of its own yet. But I’ll need to soon.) I already have people contacting me to buy it, which is super exciting.

If you are interested in an autographed copy of the book,

feel free to send me your name and email address (text to 717.951.7066 or email to carol@carolcool.com) and I will notify you when they have arrived or when I get a preorder page up, whichever comes first. The cost will be $15 plus postage. I assume at some point I will put the book on Amazon, but it won’t be right away. (If you knew how little authors make when selling their books on Amazon and how long it takes to get that money, you would wonder why anyone sells there.)

Someone has suggested I do a reading of the book on Facebook Live, so that might be happening as well as we get closer.

The book’s arrival made another “groundhog day” look a lot different for me. I’m thankful.

I hope you’re finding some variety and joy in your COVID-19 time as well!

3 thoughts on “I Held My Book in My Hands!”

  1. Congratulations on your new book. I know what it’s like to finish projects especially since God has blessed me with a new coating lens on my glasses to combat glare & LED lights.
    P.S. Repeat after me, “Life is NEVER boring” Instead replace your thoughts .with praise, singing & reading scripture when the feeling overtakes you. Get out in the sun, preferably without a mask ,& receive the gift of vitamin D from the Lord. Have a wonderful blessed day.

  2. Congratulations! I want to see that book! How exciting!
    I think you should also contact the Library. Would they love to have you visit there with the book? They have story hours and often have authors come in for the adults…. so why not the children. Or my other idea is that churches would have you come there during church time with the children to read the book.


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