Change Purse

A few years ago I saw the original Butler Bag in a boutique in Lewes, Delaware. I was entranced.

The thing that made me want the bag was the inner organizer (pictured at left), hence the name “Butler.”

I didn’t buy it, though. I didn’t want to spend the money for it, so I spent six months shopping for a substitute. I bought another bag that didn’t work. It hangs in my closet.

Finally, after listening to me lament that I didn’t own the Butler, Les told me to get it the next time I was in Lewes. So I did. I bought it in spicy ginger (above right).

I’ve loved this bag. But now the straps are going, and they don’t make this style in any fun colors anymore. So I am back to looking. I bought a bag at an amazing Coach Outlet sale and haven’t even unwrapped it yet. I have found someone who works in leather who might be able to replace the handles on my Butler Bag, so I am holding out.

How many purses have you ever bought that just weren’t right? Well, now you can put that bag to work. Change Purse is an organization that takes your “didn’t work for me” bags and resells them to raise money to battle human trafficking. You can send purses directly to them, or you can host a Change Purse party like my friend Jen Knepper, who began the Lancaster Gifts That Give Hope Gift Fair.

You gather purses and invite your friends. The organization provides you with a DVD and information on human trafficking. You sell the purses and send the money to Change Purse. It, in turn, supports Hope House, a place of restoration for teens rescued from sex trafficking.

If you decide to host a party, I have at least one purse to contribute!


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