What’s That All About Anyway?

I’ve been blogging since 2005, and until this year my blog appeared
on my website (where you can still access the archives). Maybe you are a newer
reader, and you wonder why I called this blog I’m No Superstar. As I wrote my
first day on the blog, I chose the title I’m No Superstar because it’s true.
I’ve never been a superstar. I’m good at lots of things, but
I am not great at anything, not a superstar. (It was a rude realization for the woman who used to have a poster on her wall that said, “To be good is not enough when you dream of being great.”) And maybe you aren’t a superstar
either. But that’s okay. I want us to be whom God made us to be and do the
things God called us to do. I want us to discover together how we can make a
difference in our world just as average people.
I spent time ten days ago at a writers conference, in a
track on compassion, justice and advocacy writing. It was amazing to meet John
Perkins, hear Tony Campolo, and interact with people who are on the front lines,
leading the justice movement. But honestly, I am not there. I am a foot soldier, and
sometimes a reluctant one at that, or really a supply line person. I believe my
place is to support those who are in the trenches, whether financially or as a
It’s taken me a lot of years to get to the place where I am
(mostly) comfortable with being the person God created me to be and doing the work he
has given me (including being a rural pastor’s wife). I want to allow God to
challenge me, I don’t want to get lazy or too comfortable, so I read things on
compassion and justice, look for opportunities I can be a part of and/or share
with others through this blog.
I hope you find it encouraging, especially if you don’t
consider yourself a superstar either. Help us out; let us know what your
favorite justice and compassion ministry is, so the rest of us can check it
out. Maybe it’s a place we can


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