What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do—or Write

Last Thursday Les and I were having a date day in King of Prussia. We had food gift cards to cover lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and dinner at Quincy’s Lobster Roll. We went to Ikea first at Les’s request. Then he was going to indulge my desire to wander King of Prussia Mall. 

Instead, I tripped. I hit the pavement, fracturing my elbow and maybe my wrist (no one is sure yet).

I know I should be blogging about refugee crises, drowning children, and my own (and maybe your) apathy. But I’ve been distracted, trying to control pain and manage my life one-handed.

So instead I’m going to share a post from one of my favorite writers, Lisa Bartelt. She spent some time in Africa this summer. These are her thoughts on what to do when we don’t know what to do. If you find it helpful, be sure to subscribe to her blog.

I’m feeling a lot of emotions these days. Some of them generated from the life in front of me–kids who won’t listen, worries about the future, fear about the past–and some from situations that are beyond my control and beyond my geography. I went to Africa this summer. It’s been a month since we came home. And the feelings I’m feeling now are tied to the things I saw there and then.

A shot from Lisa's team of an in-country refugee home in Africa.
A shot from Lisa’s team of an in-country refugee home in AFRICA

When I read about the refugee crisis affecting Syria and see the pictures of people longing for a home without violence and fear, I want to turn away. I want to . . . (read more)

Please read the balance of Lisa’s post; it’s powerful. Then let me know what action God inspires in you. And when I’m coherent again, I’ll let you know what God impresses on me to do.





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