What Is The Life God Imagines?

It’s the name of my new e-newsletter. Here’s why:

When I set out to choose a name for this newsletter, which I hope will help you live your life on purpose, I realized all the good names were taken by those who have been in this business a lot longer than I. Titles like The Purpose Driven Life, Living on Purpose, and Purposeful Living were already well used. (I did consider using Purpose-Driven Life—with the hyphen—to be grammatically correct and pull in some cred from Rick Warren, but decided I didn’t want to be “the woman who lost a lawsuit she waged over a hyphen.”)

My next train of thought was The Life You’ve Imagined, a la Thoreau. But then it occurred to me that the life I’ve imagined hasn’t always been a healthy or purposeful one, and what I imagine has changed many times over the years. For instance, my earliest imaginings had me working in the heart of Africa as a missionary nurse. (I read way too many of the Jungle Doctor books in our church library.) It wasn’t until I went to visit a tech school’s nursing program in 8th grade that I realized that nurses spent much of their time dealing with body fluids. I don’t do body fluids! I’m a sympathetic puker. I’ve only changed one diaper in my life; it was only wet, not dirty, and I was still gagging the whole time. Obviously, the life I’d imagined wasn’t the life God had designed me for.

And so The Life God Imagines. Because I know my life will be most abundant when I live the life he’s imagined for me. What about you? I hope this newsletter will help you pursue all God had in mind when he designed you. If you want to sign up, submit your e-mail using the link below.


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