What Do You Know?

A few weeks ago we attended a missions conference where one of the speakers was Kurt Graff. Kurt and his wife Nancy spent years in Russia and Central Asia starting churches. Now they are working with an organization that encourages young people to invest their lives in countries within the 1040 window. (If you want info on the 1040 window, watch this video. I would suggest you turn off the sound, because I found the music very annoying.)

Anyway, Kurt had this quiz for us about Central Asia, Russia and a few other mission questions. Try the quiz yourself. Send me your answers. Anyone who gets them all correct, I’ll have a prize for you. (What? I have no idea!) Maybe you’ll learn something—like I did—even if it’s how little you know about Central Asia.

1)      What are the names of the 15 countries that made up the former Soviet Union?
2)      Rank in order from the most to the least popular Russia Leader.
            Putin         Lenin         Stalin        Gorbachov        Yelstin      Czar Nicholas       Catherine the Great
3)      How many different people groups, live in the former Soviet Union?
             10           30           50            130           300               1000
4)      What country is the only one that that has all of natural elements listed on the periodic table?
              America       China      Russia       Kazakhstan       India     Brazil
5)      What country is sending out almost as many missionaries as America?
              Canada       Korea        England      Germany     Kenya      Brazil 
6)      What percent of those who live in Central Asia claim to be believers in Jesus?
              50%          25%          10%          1%         .01%
7)      What percent of the states in the country of Kazakhstan have at least one church?
              100%           90%       75%         25%      10%
8)      How many bibles can a one have in his possession in Uzbekistan?
                 0                  1                 10                50              unlimited
9)      What is the major religion of Central Asia?
               Atheism          Orthodoxy        Christianity        Islam        Buddhism        None
10)    What percent of the population are under the age of 18 in Central Asia?
               05          15            30            50             65
11)    What is the average life span for males in the former Soviet Union?
               35              45                58           65           73           82
12)    The most popular type of programs on prime time TV in Russia are?
             Political shows         music channels          comedy       Spanish soap operas       Russian dramas


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