What Do Vampires Have to Do with It*?

*It being the 2017 Walk This Way Women’s Conference

Vampires, I believe, are a fitting analogy for fear. Why? Because vampires suck the lifeblood out of you, and so does fear. Fear robs us of life; it turns our world dark and scary.

But we can triumph over fear through the power of God’s word.

At the 2017 Walk This Way Women’s Conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on November 4, 2017, we will explore how we can overcome fear in our lives by applying the principles found in the 23rd Psalm and the Lord’s Prayer. I will enjoy sharing God’s truth from these beloved passages with you.


Save the date!

2017 Walk This Way Women’s Conference

November 4, 2017

at Calvary Church in Lancaster


Look for ticket information this summer on my website (www.carolcool.com) and on Eventbrite!

Super-early-bird pricing in August!
Group pricing is available.

Lunch is included.

And yes, the infamous Emma and Effie will be back with an all-new performance!
You don’t want to miss it!

For more information, contact us here!



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