Two Women’s Cancers You May Never Have Heard of

Two and a half years ago, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Her family doctor thought it was ovarian cancer although she had no tumor. Her gynecologic oncologist felt it was most likely peritoneal cancer, a very rare cancer, and it killed her.

Mom Anderson

Peritoneal cancer is cancer of the lining of your abdominal cavity. According to the Foundation for Women’s Cancer, “the abdominal cavity and the entire surface of all the organs in the abdomen are covered in a cellophane-like, glistening, moist sheet of tissue called the peritoneum.” The cancer attacks this lining.

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Last week, we discovered one more previously unknown (to us) cancer—Les’s mom was diagnosed with fallopian tube cancer, another really rare cancer. She has had surgery and will soon start chemo. Her attitude is great, positive and ready to do what is necessary.

As my doctor explained it to me, all gynecologic cancers are related, including ovarian and uterine, even breast cancer, it appears. And there is a hereditary component that I will be concerned about for the rest of my life. I assume Les’s sisters will as well.

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer has information on both cancers that’s helpful. But research on them is limited since they are so rare. So rare that they don’t even rate their own color ribbons.

If you ever want to donate to a cancer charity, maybe the Foundation for Women’s Cancer would be an option. And feel free to request that it support research for these two little-known cancers. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Two Women’s Cancers You May Never Have Heard of”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Breast cancer gets so much attention, and not that it’s not important, but there are others that “deserve” recognition too. Phil gets on a kick about colorectal cancer, for whatever reason. Just yesterday he was telling somebody at work that they should wear brown in March for Colorectal Cancer month. I guess it’s just easier to talk about breasts than any other internal parts.

    • Lisa, Phil is a funny guy! I just always feel sorry for people who have rare diseases and the lack of research to help them survive. I was with a new friend yesterday whose daughter has a rare neurological disorder. She’s looking for ways to raise money for research that will help her daughter and others.


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