Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Pastor

(This short post originally appeared on my personal Facebook page. I had friends who wished to share it, but because of my privacy settings, their friends could not see the post. So I post it here so they—and you—are free to share it with others.)

Here’s a few things you shouldn’t tell your pastor on Sunday morning:

  1. Your complaints about anything.
  2. An excuse for why you didn’t do something.
  3. A request for him/her to do something for you.

Before the service your pastor is focused on the message God has given him/her to share. It is an awesome responsibility and he/she does not take that lightly.

After the service your pastor is spent, folks. Soaked through with sweat and mentally (and often spiritually and physically) fried.

If you have something you need them to fix or do or hear, email or call (later) to schedule time to talk with him/her during the week.

This has been a public service announcement from pastor spouses. Thank you.

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