The Irresistible Aroma of Grace

I parked near the side entrance to the mall, snagging a spot as close to the door as possible. The weather was strange, and I hurried to get inside without the need of an umbrella.

The automatic doors spread open, and suddenly the aroma of cinnamon enveloped me. No, not just cinnamon, cinnamon and butter. Is there a more glorious fragrance combination?! I sucked it in, letting the warm and decadent scent bring a smile to my face and a quickening of my steps.

Photo by LAUREN GRAY on Unsplash

I hadn’t known I was hungry, but as the cinnamon-butter goodness washed over me, I moved purposefully—and faster. Inhaling the irresistible scent wasn’t enough. I need more.

I needed a Cinnabon.

It required standing in line, a long line. It didn’t matter; I was hooked. As the line inched forward, I gazed at the oozy goodness just out of arm’s reach on the other side of the plexiglass and dreamed of biting in, of the burst of flavor on my tongue.

I tasted, and I saw that it was good.

A few weeks later, Les and I headed for the same mall. I directed him to the same lot, the same door. I brought him to the all-encompassing aroma. We stood in line, craving what they were selling. I wanted him to taste and see.


When a woman in our Live in Grace, Walk in Love discussion group wondered what “living in grace” actually meant, Cinnabon came to mind.

Photo by Aurélien Faux on Unsplash

“Living in grace for Christ-followers is about exuding the fragrance of a loving and forgiving God in a way that permeates all of our actions,” I suggested. “It’s breathing out the irresistible aroma of Christ in our daily lives so others experience a magnetic pull toward him.” I want people to be drawn to Christ before they even realize they are hungry for him.

Since then, I’ve begun to repeat to myself throughout the day: “Be the irresistible fragrance of Christ.” My desire is for my moment-by-moment choices to pour out grace and love on others in such a way that it alters their steps, redirecting them to Jesus. Jesus, the one who can truly satisfy their hungry hearts.

As we celebrate the power of the Resurrection this week, a power that awakened Jesus from death and creates new life within us, I pray you’ll join me in spreading the irresistible fragrance of Christ in every environment you enter.

May you be privileged to see others
“taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8).

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