I’m No Superstar

I’m No Superstar is a blog for people like me who want to make a difference in the world but know they aren’t activists. Each post contains a social action idea that most of us could do, a book that’s worth reading, or a link to a website that offers other ideas. Oh, and it’s all introduced by a sometimes quirky story from my life.

5 Reasons Your Passion Deserves a Conference

A few weeks ago I was privileged to serve on faculty at the St. Davids Christian Writers Conference. Being there was like a cool drink of water on a sweltering day. I don’t always get to attend a writers conference every year, and I don’t always realize how much I miss being immersed in the

Dancing on the Head of a Pen: a book review

I first encountered Robert Benson at a writer’s conference in the late ’90s. He writes in prose, but with the spirit of a poet. I still have my autographed copy of Between the Dreaming and the Coming True, purchased that week by me, the wide-eyed wannabe writer. Shortly thereafter I bought Living Prayer, a lyrical exploration


Have Carol Speak For Your Group

An accomplished and flexible speaker, Carol tailors her topics to fit the theme and timeframes of your meeting, conference, seminar or retreat.