I’m No Superstar

I’m No Superstar is a blog for people like me who want to make a difference in the world but know they aren’t activists. Each post contains a social action idea that most of us could do, a book that’s worth reading, or a link to a website that offers other ideas. Oh, and it’s all introduced by a sometimes quirky story from my life.

Creating Space for God: Review of GodSpace by Keri Wyatt Kent

“The way I found God space—sacred moments in which we encounter the holy—was to begin to see all of my life as lived in space of God.” This is the premise of Keri Wyatt Kent’s latest book GodSpace: that we open ourselves up for more God moments when we realize he is all around us in

Gratitude and Graciousness

I’m a member of a bloggers group in Central Pennsylvania that once a month offers us an opportunity to go somewhere or do something for free (or discounted) if we’ll blog about it. December’s deal was free Hershey Christmas Candylane tickets for Les and me. We had a date planned for after we got back

Back to the Everyday Whining

Okay, Thanksgiving and the parades, football and overeating are finished for most of us. Now we’re in Christmas shlepping, I mean shopping, mode. And that leads to whining when the store is out of stock on the sale item you drove there especially for. Or sarcasm when the salesperson is less than interested in helping


Have Carol Speak For Your Group

An accomplished and flexible speaker, Carol tailors her topics to fit the theme and timeframes of your meeting, conference, seminar or retreat.