Starved for Attention

One of the biggest adjustments to having a 10 year old in the house has been the constant need for attention. I know my husband thinks I talk a lot, but Ashlee makes me seem like a recluse. She wants you to be listening to her whenever you are in the same house, and even if you’re not able (or, let’s face it, willing) to listen right then, she is busy talking or singing or simply making mouth noises. I’m someone who rarely turns on a radio or a TV, so the constant noise is taking some getting used to!

Kids elsewhere in the world
are starved for attention in a different way. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins
Sans Frontières (MSF) has created a global campaign called Starved for Attention to
call attention to the 195 million children around the world who suffer the
effects of malnutrition.

Visit the website, view some of the videos from around the world. Like the one from Bangladesh where mothers think malnutrition is simply a normal part of everyday life. Or read the one from the U.S. that talks first about our WIC program and then about the mush we export as food aid around the world—mush we would never feed our children.

Then sign the petition on the website asking world leaders to ensure that these children are getting fed and fed food that helps them grow well, food filled with nutrition.

Ashlee watched a couple of the videos with me, and even she would have to admit that she is never starved for attention when it comes to getting proper nutrition. We are the fortunate ones. Speak up for those who truly are starving and need our attention.


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