Sky Painting: A Poem

Photo by Alan Jones on Unsplash

Brush strokes across the sky

Wispy clouds in variegated hues of purple and pink;

Looking as though the master artist

Had taken special care with his brush.


Wearied from the day, my eyes were focused

On the few feet of roadway in front of my car,

My mind preoccupied

With the trivialities of the day.


Something—or was it someone?

Lifted my eyes to scan the horizon,

To feast upon the beauty of the sky-painting.


Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

All the world was not dark, dirty macadam

       As had been my experience

              The past few moments.

My focus needed to shift to see the immensity,

       The beauty of this world, which was there

              Whether I noticed or not.


I live most days,

Unaware of anything

Save my family, my job, my problems.

My mental focus is as shallow daily

As my visual one last evening.

I focus on the macadam of life

Rather than on the careful sky-painting you are doing, Lord.


Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

Raise my focus!

May I realize how you are working

Throughout this world

To bring about beauty and wholeness.

May I not miss your joy

By choosing to focus

On the mundane, everyday ordinariness.


Make me a student instead,

Of your breathtaking class in sky-art appreciation.

8 thoughts on “Sky Painting: A Poem”

  1. Thank you! The line that stuck out to me is: “I live most days, Unaware of anything Save my family, my job, my problems.” I’ve been self-absorbed recently as it is a ‘lack of job’ that fills my days.

    • That’s hard. Things like that easily absorb all our emotional and mental energy. May you take a few moments during the break in the weather (or maybe during it!) to step outside and simply breathe deeply and be captured in the wonder of God.

    • Wow, that means so much coming from you, Kathleen! Written many years ago, before I left poetry behind, but it was always Les’s favorite, so I chose to be brave and share it with the world.


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