Shoes, Glorious Shoes—and a Contest!

In order to make the most of Advent this year, each day I have posted on my public Facebook page a blessing from God I am grateful for. I was surprised and ashamed some days on how hard I had to think to arrive at some blessing, without resorting to naming separately every fattening food known to man (or at least to me).

But I’ve known since the start that I wanted to count this blessing: shoes. I love shoes, although with the foot and ankle problems I’ve experienced over the last two years, I haven’t only begun to branch out and wear some fun shoes again. (My newest? These Green Eggs and Ham Converse high-tops. Favorite Dr. Seuss book meets favorite piece of apparel.)

I’ve known about TOMS Shoes for a year or so now, but have yet to buy a pair due to the aforementioned foot problems. But I want to, and you should too! (I’m very jealous of Emily in our church youth group who owns a pair.) For every pair of shoes TOMS sells, it donates a pair of shoes to a child somewhere in the world who cannot afford one. One for One. It’s a great concept, and TOMS is doing well by doing good.

When I was offered two copies of TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie’s new book, Start Something That Matters, I jumped at the chance to read it and blog about it and to give a copy away. While this easy-to-read book does tell the story of how and why Blake founded TOMS (and why it’s called TOMS—with no apostrophe—rather than Blake’s), it is really a manual on how anyone can pursue the things they are passionate about that make a difference in the world.

Blake tells his own secrets of what made TOMS successful as well as the stories of others to illustrate his seven principles that will get you moving toward living your dream and doing good at the same time. His advice is practical and sometimes unexpected (I’ve never read the word “interns” so many times in such a short space), and his enthusiasm is contagious.

What are you dreaming of? How do you wish you could change the world? What project or business have you considered starting that you just aren’t sure you have what it takes? Or what have you started that you’d love to see grow even bigger? Tell me in the comments section and it will put you in the drawing for the free copy of Blake’s book.

You can do it! A new year is about to begin. Start Something That Matters might just provide the perfect motivation to make 2012 the year you changed the world. And that’s even more satisfying than a new pair of shoes.


4 thoughts on “Shoes, Glorious Shoes—and a Contest!”

  1. First of all, about the shoes … my husband would love to compare converse collections. He once ordered a pair of hot pink high tops but was shipped a pair of white aerobics shoes that were supposed to go to Puerto Rico. Sadly, he never did get the high tops.

    As far as dreams go, I dream of making a difference and fearlessly pursuing God’s purpose for my life. What I feel like that looks like is through writing, and I’m working on a novel that I will submit to His will, whatever that may be. I’d love for speaking and writing to be my other “gig” (besides mothering!) but I worry that it’ll take more than I have. I’m waiting on God’s timing. Not that you don’t already know all that, but now it’s “on the record.”

    Sharing this contest!

  2. Carol, Great questions on dreams. I think this year my dream is to find the one thing God wants me to pursue and follow that with my whole heart!

  3. I dream of the non profit that I work with moving into other countries. We currently have a partnership in Cambodia — but would love to broaden that to Burma in the next 5- 7 years. Praying about dreaming about what that may look like!

    I also dream and pray about people whom I speak with grasping this love for our neighbors and living it out in new and creative ways in their churches/communities/families/ etc… !

    Fun contest!!

  4. Yes, I know it seemed like I forgot you, but . . . well, I guess I did, but I blame the holidays! Anyway, Les just drew the winner from the secret folded papers, and . . . drumroll, please . . . Lisa Bartelt won the copy of Start Something That Matters!

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