Searching for a Shield

My mom died a month ago (yes, that’s why there have been no blogs). 

There are many ways I’ll miss her presence in my life:

  • Some of them funny—Her breaking out in song to match something someone just said. Her response when I did the same: “That’s okay, I can’t sing either.”
  • Some of them quirky—The way she was always reapplying lipstick in the car as you approached any stop. Her concern for everyone serving her in a restaurant, doctor’s office, lab, or nursing facility as to whether they had yet eaten lunch and what time they got to go home.
  • And some of them vital—Her love for her kids and grandkids, and recently greatgrandkids. Her interest in my life and ministry. And above all her prayers.

It is this last item that I believe affects me the most. Mom always prayed for me. Daily. She prayed for my husband, my daughter, my friends when I asked her to. She prayed until God answered, asking me weeks later how so-and-so was doing. 

She also prayed for my ministry and for every speaking engagement. As I seek to expand my speaking ministry in the months ahead, I am already missing her prayer covering. It was real and powerful. I knew God’s power in and through me as I spoke to individuals about balance and serving and using the unique way God designed them to bring him glory and find meaning and joy in their lives.

So now I am searching for some pray-ers who will be a shield for me, praying for me and my ministry, especially on the days when I prepare and speak. If you are someone who would commit to regularly pray for me in this area (you define what regularly is), please let me know. I will be sure to let my shield-bearers know what my speaking schedule is and what my current needs are.

God took Mom in his perfect timing. Now I am counting on him to raise up a shield around me.


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