Of Facial Hair and Energy to Spare

Now that I’m a woman of a certain age, my body is doing strange hair things. On the plus side, I basically have no hair on my legs anymore. Bald. Unfortunately, it’s migrated to my chin and neck. Lovely.

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And since I still have horror-movie memories of being forced to kiss relatives with prickly facial hair, I have resorted to the little battery-powered shaver with the charming name of Finishing Touch. UGH. But it’s somewhat effective. (I tried laser treatment, but the dermatologist shut it down—apparently your hair must have pigment in order for the laser to work.)

Anyway, all of that uncomfortable TMI (Too Much Information) will hopefully make sense in a moment.

The other day I was using the shaver and it didn’t seem to be removing any hair. I listened to it. Was it a little slower than it had been? I couldn’t tell, but out of options, I changed the battery. Suddenly, power! The difference was huge. How had I not noticed the battery had run so far down?

I hadn’t noticed because it had been losing energy gradually. When it finally was not doing what it’s designed to do, it seemed sudden but it wasn’t. I just hadn’t noticed its gradual power loss.

As I used the newly empowered device, it occurred to me that the same thing happens in my life with MY energy, my spirit, my passion.

I keep going, but with slightly less energy. And less the next day. Eventually the passion is gone. Until “suddenly” I am not effective at all. I cannot seem to do the work I need to get done. Or anything really.

I’m rundown.

I can’t change my battery, but I can recharge it. Too bad I didn’t do it before I was depleted.

One thing I needed was extended time for breakfast with God. Time to read the Bible, to ponder, to journal, to pray. Time that wasn’t hurriedly sandwiched in between responsibilities and obligations.

I needed sleep (and still need it). I needed some laughter with friends.

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What about you? Are you running down? It’s that time of year where we add all sorts of unrealistic expectations and obligations to our already overfilled schedules.

How are you recharging? What refreshes you? Sleep? A dinner out with friends? Family game night?

Are you getting any time with God to re-empower you?

And are you paying attention to the slow dribble of your energy, your passion for life, that’s depleting you?

I’m trying to be aware of where I really am, to assess what I can realistically handle, and to let go of the rest while I pause for rest.

I hope, in this season of Advent, you will find your refreshment long before your spirit slows to a deadened stop.




5 thoughts on “Of Facial Hair and Energy to Spare”

  1. A good post, Carol. I’ve been doing the hair thing for a LONG time, but only with a basic razor. Nuisance. The battery thing, though, is something else. Yes, I’m running on fumes most of the time. Yes, I’m spending significant time with the Lord. Yes, I sleep well most nights, but still…..the book-marketing pig must be fed–daily, except for Sundays (my rest stop). Practicing trust is my daily challenge, and worship my high-powered battery.


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