No Care for You

“I’m sorry, we won’t be able to see Ashlee anymore.”
Those aren’t the words you want to hear from your child’s (or in this case
grandchild’s) doctor. We’re running into a little problem with Ashlee’s
insurance from Tennessee not translating to Pennsylvania.
I panicked a bit (okay, I had a meltdown on the phone with
Les), but God had a sense of humor. Within hours of my call, Joy (our daughter
and Ashlee’s mom) got a copy of a form that had already been filed asking that
the insurance be transferred. So I am hopeful it will be all straightened out soon
and we won’t be without a doctor for long.
But lack of medical care is a daily reality for millions of
people around the world. On my last post I mentioned Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans
(MSF). The organization deploys medical personnel to 60
countries to help those in crisis situations. Child sponsorship organizations
like Compassion International and
World Vision provide medical care as part
of their community programs. World Medical
(a division of Samaritan’s Purse) sends doctors, dentists and
other medical personnel to assist in mission hospitals that need help. 
How can you help others get the care they need? First pray
for quality medical care in areas across the globe. (One great way to do this
is to pray specifically for countries you read or hear about in the news.)
Consider sponsoring a child in another country. Offer to drive people in need
of medical services through your church or area social services organization.
Encourage parents to sign their uninsured children up for CHIP insurance in
their state (here’s the PA website;
if you are in another state, simply google CHIP and the state name). If you
have medical skills, take a short-term trip to volunteer your time. If you have
no medical skills, donate to help others go. 
And remember, there but for the grace of God go you and I.
So be thankful for the medical care (and insurance) you and your family

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