My Country, ‘Tis of Thee I Pray

In honor of the National Day of Prayer (#NationalPrayer):

I do not pray for us to be a Christian nation; I pray for us to be a nation of Christians who live like Christ.

I do not pray for prayer in schools; I pray for pray-ers who pray  for those in their schools.

I do not pray for Christmas displays in public places; I pray for Christians who display Christlikeness in their public and private lives.

I do not pray for Bible reading in schools; I pray for Christians who will read their Bibles and then show its value in their lives at school and in the workplace.

I do not pray for the Ten Commandments to be emblazed across our courthouses; I pray for Christians who set the Greatest Commandment ablaze in their communities.

I do not pray for laws to enforce the laws of God across our land; I pray for Christians to live the law and love of God in their everyday lives.

I do not pray as though America is God’s most-favored nation on earth; I pray that Christ followers will spread the favor and grace of God to nations and individuals around the world.

I do not pray as one who consistently does these things; I pray as one who needs the power of God to press on and attempt to live them.



4 thoughts on “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee I Pray”

  1. Amen. And again I say amen. There are more who feel this way than you realize. We just don’t shout.

  2. Karen, thanks for commenting. It can be hard to speak out on this because the attitudes we perceive in others can make us feel unpatriotic. I love my country and am very thankful to live here. I want Christians to make a difference here, but it begins with our hearts, our lives, our love! As we speak out, maybe others will join us.


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