Meeting the Needs of Moms

I didn’t find it easy being a mom, even with a wonderful husband who did more than the lion’s share of the work. Being a mom was often tiring. It wore me out. I sometimes felt I had no time for myself, for my dreams and goals. So I have a hard time imagining how single moms do it. How do they get through the day when there is no one to relieve them? And how do they ever find a way to make their lives better, to get an education?

Enter Mom’s House. Begun in 1983 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Mom’s Houses offer single parents free quality childcare while they pursue an education. They also offer the moms tutoring, if needed, parenting and nutrition classes, and life skills training. The moms agree to volunteer a few hours a week at Mom’s House. Mom's House classroom

It’s a win-win. With their high school or college degree, moms have a better chance at getting a job that will keep them and their children out of poverty. They develop the self confidence to move forward into a successful and fulfilling life and to raise their children to value education and hard work.

Lancaster’s Mom’s House celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. They’ve assisted 200 moms and 1 dad in completing their education, supporting their belief that “choosing life should not mean choosing poverty.”

As they celebrate you can help. Attend their anniversary banquet on November 10 to celebrate and donate. Or you can help every time you shop at Giant, by requesting a Giant A+ School Rewards card and writing in Mom’s House and their code: 02508. Or if you want some time in a rocker with a baby on your lap, volunteer.

Moms don’t have it easy. Mom’s house is there to provide the assist.


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