Going Bald

Two years ago I lost my hair. No, I didn’t have chemo or anything that dramatic. I finally decided it was time to go from long hair to short. I’d had long hair since high school. Maybe it was that I had almost no hair until I was a year old (that’s why Mom never cut it until I was in fourth grade).

Maybe it was the trauma of that fourth-grade pixie cut or  the jr. high shag.


But for some reason, I’d always kept my hair long. Suddenly I was sick of it and let Dalena, my hair stylist do with as she wished.

It went from long and curly

to short and straight. It took some getting used to.  






So what’s next?

How about bald?

In Time magazine I saw an ad for Be Bold, Be Bald, asking people to wear a bald cap on November 2 to fight cancer. You’re supposed to wear a bald cap for the day and ask others to pledge money to one of the 32 cancer-fighting organizations that are part of the program.

Could I do it? Do I dare? I don’t have anything on my calendar for that day, but I don’t think it would be fair to simply sit at home all day with the bald cap on. But could I go out without hair? I can’t imagine it.

Lately I’ve been trying to find more work. I certainly couldn’t go on a job interview or to work as a contract employee with a bald cap on.

I don’t think I’m brave enough. Are you? I’d love to hear if it is something you might consider. Tell me what it would take for you to do it. A large amount of donations? Friends or coworkers to do it with you? A dare from someone else? Or like me, can you never imagine being bald again, even for a day.

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