Giving thanks for Habitat

I like my  house and I am happy to be living in it. I am thankful for the jobs that allow us to pay the mortgage. (I would say I am not thankful for all the equity we lost in the last house and maybe now in this one, but it’s Thanksgiving time, so I won’t.) I am thankful for lovely neighbors, and no, none of them read this blog, so I am not buttering them up. I am thankful for heat now and air conditioning in the summer. I am thankful for a house that’s withstood the microblast of a tornado, a hurricane, a tropical storm, and a flood all in the last three years.

Earlier this month Rosalind and Jimmy Carter were in Haiti. In 5 days, with 500 volunteers, they  built 100 homes with Habitat for Humanity, in an area that was near the center of the 2010 hurricane. The houses that once stood in the area were not able to withstand the storm. People have been living in tent cities for almost two years now.

Now 100 families have  sturdy hurricane-resistant homes to live in, a place where their family can thrive.

Habitat would like to build 400 more homes in this area, creating a community where friendships can flourish and individuals can find strength in relationships.

If you’re thankful for your own home and would like to help someone else receive one, you can donate to Habitat for Humanity’s Haiti efforts by clicking this link. Or you can easily donate $10 by texting “Habitat” to 25383 (I just tried it and it worked great).

I’d love to hear that many of my readers helped these efforts. Feel free to let me know if you chose to show God how grateful you are for your own home by sharing the love! And have a joyous Thanksgiving, cozy in your own safe nest.


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