Finding Joy in the Simple Moments

Yesterday Les and I took a vacation day and went to Longwood Gardens. It’s tulip time and  . . . well, a few pictures are worth at least a couple hundred words.

See what I mean?

This morning Les found me two tulips in our backyard, partially hidden by a bush. I cut them and brought them into the house so I could enjoy their beauty throughout the next few days.

What brings you joy? What are the simple pleasures that make you smile?

I’m a lousy photographer but I’m thankful for my iPhone camera so I can occasionally document random things that make me happy. Like this tree turned into a birdhouse condo:

My Oreo cow, we call Carley:

My fox socks:

These tiny little flowers seen on the side of the road:

Our backyard hawks eating their prey:

My favorite Tervis cup:

This gate sign on a nearby road:

You get the idea!

Every day I write down five things I’m grateful for. But I think my photostream is it’s own gratitude journal.

So if you don’t like writing, perhaps you can choose to snap a photo or three every day of things that you’re thankful for, simple things that bring you joy. Then scroll through them once in awhile.

Those photos help us remember what matters. And help us celebrate the God who is in the details. And I think our remembering, our smile, brings him joy!

5 thoughts on “Finding Joy in the Simple Moments”

  1. Good photos, but my favorite was the Dutch-belted cow. We used to have a lot of them in NJ where I grew up, but these days, it’s hard to find any cow in that neighborhood. Thanks, Carol!

    • Interesting! Back in the ’40s in northern New Jersey–that had more cows than people–they were called Dutch Belted. I’m sure that since then, the breed has been altered and renamed. I loved watching cattle parades, with the massive big-breed bulls that required two men and two poles attached to the nose ring. Awesome!


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