Feast or Famine

In the past week Les and I have used a couple of great food deals we got through restaurant.com ($25 certificate we paid $2 for) and travelzoo (an $88 dinner for two in Center City Philly for $39). Because we bought the certificates several months ago, they felt like free meals (except for tip).
The dinner in Philly included sweet corn bisque that was bliss, a green chili stewed chicken appetizer, and our entrees, chili braised short ribs for Les and hanger pepper steak with cheddar horseradish mashed potatoes for me. It was a feast. And we enjoyed every bite of it.he news articles about the famine in the horn of Africa jarring. Children are starving by the thousands—30,000 under the age of five in the last four months. Twelve million people are at risk of starvation.
Bono, George Clooney and others have put together a new video that calls famine the real F word. Their premise is that famine is the real obscenity because famine is manmade (as opposed to drought, which is natural). Watch the video, then visit One.org and sign the petition asking Congress to break the cycle of famine.
Today is Blog Action Day. People all over the world are blogging about food and its commonality and importance in our lives. There’s got to be a way to avoid the feast-or-famine scenario. How do we ensure there is enough food for all of us? Maybe I won’t be able to feast like I do. I hope that’s not the case, to be honest. But I think I need to pray and consider what God would have me do.
Tell me your thoughts. I need your input as I seek my part in breaking the cycle.


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