Dumpster Diving

Kevin and Kenny were master dumpster divers. They would regale us with stories of the computers and appliances they found, things that needed only minor adjustment to work well. They found cases of sneakers and wearable clothing. They provided me with a new floor chair mat that kept my desk chair rolling years. But if they were diving for food, they never mentioned it.

In Christianity Today online this week, I saw an article about the documentary Dive, which was just released on DVD. The film says America throws away half the food  we produce every year. That’s an appalling statistic. Watch the trailer to see how the film’s “stars” live off of what stores dump.

It’s not my idea of good eating, but it does make you think about food waste. Especially as we hear daily about famine and starvation in the Horn of Africa. Maybe I will think about it enough to at least do more to ensure we’re keeping food out of the trash.

What about you?


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