Coffee Convictions

I have a confession to make: I am 100% Scandinavian and I hate coffee. My brothers find that appalling. It makes them revert to their childhood torturing, telling me I was adopted. How could I not like coffee? I don’t know. I love the smell and coffee ice cream is my favorite flavor, but I can’t get past the drink’s aftertaste.

Reading about the Second Chance Coffee Company, though, makes me wish I loved it. According to Christianity Today, Pete Leonard’s company hires ex-convicts, providing that vital element that can reduce recidivism. Research shows that only 40% of employers say they would consider hiring someone with a criminal record. And I would guess the number in reality (as opposed to what employers will say on a questionnaire) is even lower. In a tight job market, that leaves a lot of unemployed ex-convicts out in the cold.

If you are a coffee addict or simply a coffee liker (is there really such a thing?), you can get the company’s I Have a Bean coffee delivered directly to your veins, I mean, your door. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Wheaton, Illinois, area, you can get same-day delivery of fresh-ground coffee.

Visit to get your coffee!

Here’s a great way to do good by drinking well. And you can justify your ever-growing coffee addiction as a way you’re helping former prisoners find meaningful work.

If you try I Have a Bean coffee, I’d love to hear what you think. The customers quoted on the site swear it’s the best they ever tasted.

And if anyone ever makes ice cream out of I Have a Bean coffee, I’ll be happy to buy it.


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