Chazown! No, It’s Not a Batman Word

Zap! Zowwy! Bam! Whap! Pow! In our house, we call them Batman words. Nonsense onomatopoeia words like those that used to show up on the screen as Batman fought the bad guys.

But chazown isn’t a Batman word, as odd as it sounds. It’s the English transliteration of a Hebrew word that means “vision.” And it’s the title of a new book by Craig Groeschel; one I was fortunate enough to receive a free review copy of from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Chazown is an easy-to-use book that helps you recognize the vision God has personally designed for you. Like the books on finding your purpose that have come before—The Purpose Driven Life, comes to mind—Chazown wants you to analyze your life and your heart to discover how you are wired. Chazown has you journal about three circles—your core values, your spiritual gifts, and your past experiences. It leads you through a simple evaluation process to discover where your circles overlap to find your sweet spot, your chazown.

What makes Chazown extremely valuable are the spokes-on-the-wheel concerns that allow you to have success in fulfilling your chazown. Groeschel wants you to recognize where you need to work on your relationships with God and other people, your finances, your health and fitness, and your work and how these areas affect your ability to fulfill your vision.

With its ultra-short chapters, the book is perfect even for people who aren’t crazy about reading. And the “You’re the Author” sections provide the questions and challenges you need to make this not just a book but a kick in the pants on the way to a life of focused passion. I highly recommend it, whether you’ve never thought of your purpose or you simply want to refine it.

And no harm done if you get so excited pursuing your purpose that you simply must shout, “Chazown.” Batman would be proud.


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