Carol’s Book Is Now Available!

I’m very excited to share with you that I recently published my first book:
Finding Balance in the Circus of Life!findingbalance

Many of you are the reason this book came to be (and you’re even thanked in the acknowledgements) because you asked me to write it. Based on my retreat of the same name, the book expands on the topic.

Finding Balance in the Circus of Life encourages you to:

  • Take a closer look at your circus and the nine circus characters you might be emulating to control life.
  • Recognize your key motivators.
  • Discover eight secrets from the tightrope walker that will move you toward a balanced life.
  • Craft a purpose statement that restores sanity and direction to your life. (And lets you say, “No!”)
  • Practice walking joyfully with God in your own uniqueness.

img_1873You can purchase the book at any of these websites:

★ Booklocker (paperback & eBook)
★ Barnes & Noble (paperback & Nook)
★ Amazon (paperback & Kindle)
★ Books-A-Million (paperback)
★ Apple iTunes (iBook)
★ Kobo (eBook)

If you wish to purchase an autographed copy, please contact me directly at

OR, join us at our 2016 Walk This Way Women’s Conference on November 12—we will have the book for sale there and I’d be glad to autograph it for you!



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