Finding Balance in the Circus of Life

Finding Balance in the Circus of Life

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We’ve got so many things going on, so many opportunities to choose from, so many shoulds and coulds and oughts and musts.

Do you handle it all like a ringmaster or a clown? A juggler or a dung sweeper?

Finding Balance in the Circus of Life encourages you to:
Take a closer look at your circus and your style of dealing with life.
Recognize your key motivators.
Discover eight secrets from the tightrope walker that will move you toward a balanced life.
Craft a purpose statement that restores sanity and direction to your life. (And lets you say, “No!”)
Practice walking joyfully with God in your own uniqueness.

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The 29¢ Baby Jesus

The 29¢ Baby Jesus


Sarah loves decorating for Christmas with her mommy. But when setting up the creche with all the characters from the nativity story, Sarah notices something very strange about the baby Jesus figurine. What does it all mean? The 29¢ Baby Jesus is a family Christmas picture book that leads us all to consider just how much Jesus is worth to us.

As an added bonus, your children (and you!) will have fun searching for the hidden "29¢" scattered throughout the book!

LIMITED copies available! Contact Carol to purchase yours.

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