I’m No Superstar

I’m No Superstar is a blog for people like me who want to make a difference in the world but know they aren’t activists. Each post contains a social action idea that most of us could do, a book that’s worth reading, or a link to a website that offers other ideas. Oh, and it’s all introduced by a sometimes quirky story from my life.

Start Doing Hard Things and Get Something Free!

I’ve been doing a few hard things lately—watching my mother die, writing new speaking topics, trying to comfort my daughter as she deals with her daughter’s problems.  One thing that’s been hard for me lately is not getting to read much. I’ve even stopped ordering review copies of books to read because I just don’t

Loving My Mother

When I first moved my blog to Blogger, I was sure I would blog more often because I could do so easily. Not so much. But this time, I have a valid reason (not an excuse, a real reason). My mom, who is 87 and lives at a retirement community about a half hour away from me,

I’m an Animal (fan)

When Les and I put up our Christmas tree, we have two ornaments that receive pride of place. One is a tiny Raggedy Ann made by quilling, which is tightly rolled paper. She’s only about an inch tall. After we place her near the top center of the tree, she looks so vulnerable that we

Continuing the Giving

Here’s an update on my daily shedding (read more on January 5 blog). 1/6 giveaway: Veggie Tale napkins (don’t ask) 1/7 A china doll 1/8 & 1/9 Books of Les’s 1/10 & 1/11 Linens I’ve kept in my hope chest for years 1/12 Food from our freezer and cabinet It’s already gotten harder to find things I

Fighting for Life

Back in 2002, I picked up a book lying on a give-away table in our office cafeteria. Love, Greg and Lauren was a book of e-mails that Greg wrote to keep their friends posted on Lauren’s progress after being burned over 80 percent of her body in the World Trade Center 9/11 attacks. I was

Stop Them in the Nick of Time

I know I’ve passed the 50th birthday, because I seem to do way too much talking about “the way things used to be.” I don’t really want to go back to the “good, ole days” because I love computers, microwaves, cell phones, sushi, microfiber, and too many other things to mention. However, just last week

Creating Space through a Spirit of Giving

Discipleship Journal’s Online News e-mail came with an interesting article today, one on creating margins in your life (read it here, and subscribe to DJ’s newsletter: www.navpress.com/magazines/archives/article.aspx?id=16167). This is an issue I’ve wrestled with over the years, both from being too busy in years past, to where I am today—fighting feelings of guilt that I am

Just Thinking About the New Year

I’m always making to-do lists, which really are resolutions of what I am going to get done. But I don’t do well at keeping real New Year’s Resolutions (for instance, I’ve been trying to lose the same 20 pounds for a decade now). So for this year I want to see myself as God’s steward,

A New Location

For the past 5 years, I’ve blogged on my website—www.carolcool.com. But I’ve decided to switch over to blogger to make posting easier and so it’s easier for people to find me. If you want to read any of the old posts, simply head over to my website. There’s 5 years of postings with cool social


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