Biking to Prosperity

Bike riding is more romantic aspiration than reality to me. As I talk to friends who ride regularly and take trips to trails as couples, I think it sounds wonderful. Then I actually get on a bike.

My bottom hurts quickly, no matter what seat I’ve tried. Every molehill feels like an insurmountable height. Riding on roads scares me. And the bike goes back in the garage, not to emerge for . . . well, often years.

But then I don’t have to rely on my bike. While reading the book Give a Little: How Your Small Donations Can Transform Our World by Wendy Smith, I was introduced to World Bicycle Relief. Since 2005 World Bicycle Relief has provided over 110,000 bikes to individuals and families in Africa. The bikes enable them to attend school, work, develop a business, provide health services to others, care for their families, serve as pastors, transport the sick, retrieve water, farm, and a thousand other tasks.

Watch the video to learn more about the work of World Bicycle Relief.

The only bicycle relief I find is when I get off the bike, but for millions a bicycle can put them on the path to prosperity. Maybe you want to give them the wheels to move forward: visit World Bicycle Relief.

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