Bible That Save Lives (in Addition to Souls)

I’ve had the fun of teaching a class this month on becoming more familiar with your Bible. I’ve taught the big story of the Bible, an unforgettable way to remember how many books there are in the Old and New Testaments (if you want to know, leave a comment and I’ll tell you), how to use the helps in your Bible like cross references and concordances, and how external sources like Bible encyclopedias and handbooks can enhance your Bible study.

Knowing what’s available in Bible tools can lead people to consider buying a new Bible with tools they want. If you’re considering one, you might want to consider buying from Thomas Nelson. Your purchase could save a life.

Thomas Nelson is partnering with World Vision, donating money for each Bible sold at a Christian book store by March 31, 2012. Their goal is to donate $350,000, which would help 40,000 kids receive an education, proper nutrition, clean water and vaccines.

It’s part of their God’s Word in Action campaign. I love that they’re encouraging Christians to be world changers.

Feel free to help them if a new Bible is in your future.


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