Back to the Everyday Whining

Okay, Thanksgiving and the parades, football and overeating are finished for most of us. Now we’re in Christmas shlepping, I mean shopping, mode. And that leads to whining when the store is out of stock on the sale item you drove there especially for. Or sarcasm when the salesperson is less than interested in helping you. Or complaining when the crowds push you around.

To combat the ho-hums that have already begun to replace the ho-ho-hos, let’s take a moment to list 5 things we’re grateful for. I know Thanksgiving is over, but gratitude isn’t just a Thanksgiving tradition. It’s a daily exercise that lifts our spirits and reminds us of all the good things God has provided us with.

Be creative and list things other than your family, your relationship with God and your house and food. Here are 5 items off the top of my heart:

1. Books, and the ability to read them
2. Laughter, because it makes life bearable
3. Scones, especially with clotted cream
4. Climate control, in houses and cars (not too hot, not too cold, just right)
5. Socks, in a glorious array of colors and patterns

Put 5 things you’re grateful for today in the comments section. Or at least name them to yourself, and maybe make naming 5 things a part of every day this Advent season. It may just change your attitude about the whole season of giving.


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