Add Some Generosity for Lent

A friend from church recommended a Lenten devotional series from the YouVersion Bible app on Facebook today. The title—40acts: The Lent Generosity Challenge—struck a nerve with me.

I know Lent is often about denial, about giving something up, but the last few months have already required me to give up some things, to let go of my own comfort and safety. I just didn’t think I could voluntarily give up one thing more for this time period.

The idea of adding to my life during Lent seems a better fit. Generosity is a great habit to practice! I encourage you to join us—via the phone app or the website. You’ve only missed the first day, and the action for that day was simply to pledge to see the challenge through!

I’ll be interested to see where this takes me and you, individually and collectively. So let me know in the comments—on the blog or on Facebook—that you’re in so we can encourage each other!

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