A Pause for Autism

I’ve seen several announcements and Facebook posts about autism lately. So I thought I would interrupt the serialization of my I’m No Mother Teresa book to talk about autism for a few moments.

Autism affects 1 in every 110 children. Moms and dads struggle to provide their children with the services and help they need to succeed in life. The caregivers grow weary. The siblings sometimes suffer as the autistic child consumes adult attention. It’s not an easy life.

My friend Christina has an autistic first-grader named Jay. She also has younger son named Jonathan. This past week she and her husband bought their first home, which needs some updating but they are very excited to have. But Christina is still taking time out from her busy days to walk in the Autism Walk on April 28. She is looking for sponsors, so I’m providing this link in case you are interested in sponsoring her and helping with a good cause.

The United Nations has declared April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day. Companies are being encouraged to turn the lights on their buildings blue. Events are planned around the world to help raise money for research and foster understanding of autism.

How do you help your kids understand an autistic classmate? How do you encourage a parent of an autistic child?  I’d love to hear what you, your friends, your church, and your community do to help families with autistic children or to foster understanding.

Do you have an autistic child yourself? Tell us what would help life in your household or what you wish people understood. What have others done that has made a difference for you or your child?

Please share your ideas in the comments section. We don’t need to wait for April 2 to help someone feel loved, accepted and encouraged.


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