A Matrix Movie I Actually Want to See

When the Matrix movies came out, Les went to see them without me. I had no interest. And that was infinitely interesting to other people. “What, you haven’t seen The Matrix?” they would shriek. People I loved and respected kept telling me I had to see it, that I would love it, that there was so much in it.

Eventually they wore me down. One night I sat down and watched the DVD with Les. I hated it. My eyes glazed over (kind of the way Les’s do when I make him watch an  Academy award–winning movie). I had a numb spot in my brain. And I felt I had wasted a couple of hours of my life that I would never get back.

I told this to those who had insisted I would love it. Their response? “Well, you really have to watch it a couple of times to fully understand it and love it.” As if.

But now, I have discovered that a Matrix movie is coming that I really want to see. No, not another one in the mind-numbing series. This one is called Mastering the Matrix and it’s a documentary (Les just ran screaming from the room). The movie features interviews people who have made positive changes in their lives that have made positive changes throughout the world as well, including Sir Richard Branson and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The movie, which releases in September 2011, but can be preordered on the website. The filmmakers want it to be more than a collection of feel-good stories. They hope it will start a movement of positive change. I hope they’re right. And let it begin with me.


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