A Cast of Thousands

Today is Blog Action Day for water issues. I’m one of thousands of
bloggers in 125 countries who will be posting today to help create awareness and
action to solve the problems resulting from lack of clean water. Take my little quiz to see
how much you know about water and the world. (Answers are at the bottom.)
What do you know about water?
1. How many people in the world lack access to clean water?
a. almost 350 million    b.
625 million    c.
nearly 1 billion   d.
more than 3 billion
2. How many children under age 5 die every week from unsafe
drinking water and unhygienic living conditions
a. 38,000 children a week    b.
2,000 children a week    c.
1 million children a week
3. How many liter(s) of water does it take to produce one
a. 0.5 liter      b.
1.4 liter    c.
2.8 liters      d.
24 liters
4. How many liters of water does it take to produce one pair
of jeans?
a. 5 liters       b.
61 liters      c.
522 liters     d.
6,813 liters
5. How many liter(s) of water does the average American use per
a. 0.8 liter       b.
52 liters      c.
465 liters      d.
1,144 liters
Visit the blog action day website for ideas of ways you can help
conserve water and ensure that people the world over have access to clean water.
If you or I become one of thousands making a small change, we can make a huge
And now the quiz answers 1. c, 2. a, 3. d, 4. d, and 5. c. Be
sure to read the answer info pages to learn more about the correct answers. How
did you do? Let me know in the comments which answer surprised you most and

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